Launch48 in Romania

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Cristian Manafu announced today that he reached an agreement with Launch48 founders to organize this competition in Romania. So, Net Start-up becomes Launch48 and it will be hosted by Netcamp.

The objective of a Launch48 competition is to launch web applications in maximum 48 hours. Anyone can come to present his idea for 1 minute in front of an audience, in this case Netcamp. Then, the public chooses 3-4 ideas that will be put into practice during the next 48 hours, with development teams.

Cristi is very enthusiastic about this project and we are certain that the event will be another success with his signature. Evensys is providing most of the resources for the competition and Seedmoney is the first who offered to sponsor Launch48.

If you want to support this amazing initiative, Cristi is still looking for help with forming the development teams, jury, sponsorship and promoting the idea. If you own a blog or other social media account you are welcome to spread the news about Launch48. Find other details on Manafu’s blog.

Let’s make a great competition out of it!

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  1. Sergent
    added on November 17, 2009 at 13:48


    Will SeedMoney invest in one of those 3-4 projects ?

  2. admin
    added on November 17, 2009 at 14:43


    The competition is not about finding investors, but about creativity and action. Of course, some good businesses may come out of it if the teams decide to pursue their ideas after Launch48.

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