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Hot: Squeeqly is a social shopping solution that connects online retailers with social networks through their existing customers. We turn their clients into brand ambassadors in exchange of rewards.

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    September 28, 2010 – London, England: Brainient, an interactive advertising platform which is set to revolutionize the online video advertising industry has just secured $800,000 in VC funding. The financing round is led by Venture Capital Investor Arts Alliance, whose investments include LOVEFILM, Kenshoo, Opera Software and and a group of prominent individuals including Dave McClure, Sherry Coutu, Alex Hoye and Algy Williams.

    Brainient has created an innovative platform that enables brands to easily add layers of interactive “add-ons” to their video adverts. Publishers & agencies can head to the BrainStudio Library and get access to “layers” which they can easily place inside their video adverts by using a drag & drop interface.

    Video advertising has been on an incredible growth path over the past few years and is expected to reach $3.3 billion globally by 2012. However, advertisers saw declining completion rates for video pre-rolls (video adverts that appear before a video stream) in the first half of 2010 versus 2009.
    “According to eMarketer, 36% of online video viewers click away when they get a video pre-roll before the content they want to watch. I think interactive video advertising fills a crucial gap in the market as publishers and advertisers look for new ways to keep consumers engaged with their video adverts” said Mr. Gal.
    Brainient’s layers are designed to help consumers interact with video adverts. “Think of being able to book a test-drive while watching a video advert for the new BMW Z4 or ordering a DVD while you watch the new Harry Potter trailer. We’ve created a platform that gives brands and advertising agencies endless possibilities for engaging viewers, and we think the timing couldn’t be better” said Emi.

    By moving towards a more interactive advertising model, Emi strongly believes that Brainient can help boost the falling profits of newspapers, magazines and TV channels as they struggle to find a model to make online video profitable. “Interactive advertising helps brands create adverts that consumers actually enjoy, rather than forcing them to watch a pre-roll they don’t want to watch. And because the results they get are three to four times better, they’re willing to pay a premium, which helps video publishers make video advertising increasingly lucrative” adds Emi.

    Brainient, which is Emi’s third company, was founded in late 2008. In 2009, the company won the early stage UK start-up competition Seedcamp Week, and received €50,000 in seed funding. It also became part of the Global Entrepreneur Programme, a UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) initiative helping entrepreneurs move to the UK and establish their Global headquarters here.

    Thomas Hoegh, founder of Arts Alliance said: “Brainient is leading the way in a young but fast-growing market. We’re excited both by Brainient’s platform, and by Emi’s ability to quickly become a market leader in what is a complex and competitive space.”

    Notes for Editor
    For further information please contact:
    Emi Gal, CEO
    +44 (0) 778 721 2915
    +44 (0) 203 286 9747
    For further information on Brainient please visit

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    We have decided that pouring some champagne on it is required. On Bucharest Hubb that is.

    That’s why, on the 4th of March we are throwing a party to celebrate the opening of the first business accelerator for online startups in Romania. Access is free for members, partners and people on process of becoming members. If you are not in one of these categories and didn’t receive a private invite, you can join us with a PARTY PASS. The passes will participate in a raffle and one guest will win a month of free trial at Bucharest Hubb.

    We have a limited number of party passes (50) for those who want to come and you can ask for yours by email at contact[at] or by phone: 0727566986, until 3rd of march, 14.00.

    party pass

    The party will take place at Bucharest Hubb, on 21st, Stelea Spatarul St. We will inaugurate the Party Room on this occasion.

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    We finally opened Bucharest Hubb for public! Since the 1st of February 2010 you can benefit from the first space open exclusively to online professionals and entrepreneurs in Romania. Bare in mind though that we are in “public beta”. There is still some fine tuning to do in order to offer an extraordinary membership experience. You are expected to sign up for membership at Bucharest Hubb by filling in the registration form on the club’s website. You will be contacted to set a time and date for your visit. You can also contact us for details and questions by email (contact[at] or phone (0727566986).

    ipad mare

    The big surprise of the launch is the prize that we offer for those who register as members until the 1st of March 2010. New members have the chance* of winning an Ipad, the last gadget signed by Apple.

    If you are already thinking to become a member of the club here’s what you should do in order to get a chance of winning the Ipod:

    1. Register for membership until the 28th of February, 23:59.

    2. Pay your membership fee in advance for at least 3 months until the 28th of February, 23:59.

    3. Publish a post on your blog about this contest with a link to this article. Or tweet about it with a link to this article. Or share about this contest on your facebook wall with a link to this article. You choose.

    We will select the winner from all the members that qualify for the contest, on the 3rd of March 2010, at Seedmoney Wednesday Breakfast.

    Hurry up and sign up for membership to enjoy the benefits of the club along with the chance of winning the Ipad!


    Only one Ipad is offered as prize.

    The winner will be selected randomly from all participants.

    The winner will get the prize after Ipad becomes available for sale.

    Participants have to send us a confirmation of the payment for the membership fee before the 28th of February, 23:59.

    Participants have to send us a link to the Facebook wall post or Twiter post or blog post that mentions the contest and links to this post: before the 28th of February, 23:59. Participants don’t need to perform all three actions specified above. One post is enough.

    You can also post this 728×90 banner on your blog or website if you want to support Bucharest Hubb. Write at to ask for the full size version.

    BucharestHubb 728x90

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    logo bucharest hubbWhile we were brainstorming about making Bucharest Hubb “a place of choice” for Romanian online community, we realized that even the people involved in the club’s logistics must enjoy spending time there. Thus, our goal is to have as little employees as possible to operate Bucharest Hubb. That’s because usually employees feel compelled by working hours, labor agreement and most likely they will call it “work”.

    So, our solution for having passion and fun amongst the people who contribute to Bucharest Hubb functioning is to empower them and let them be creative.

    Would you fancy being a member of the Bucharest Hubb? For free? Keep reading! :)
    We need 9 persons that want to help us voluntarily with specific activities such as: attracting new members, PR, internal events, retention, referrals and partnerships. Such activities require 2 up to 3 hours a day for someone that is already involved in a personal project or even a job.

    We prefer people with marketing and communication experience that can work independently and are natural born enthusiasts. Being in online industry is a must, just like for all members of the club.

    If you want to help us out with the logistics of the Hubb, we would be more than happy to offer you free membership throughout your activity here. Just drop us a line as soon as possible at cristina[at], on our twitter account or on our Facebook page.

  • Numbers, numbers, numbers

    Category: General  

    Aaron Patzer, the founder and CEO of Mint, shares a couple of financial stats correlated with the growth phases of his company.

    After watching Aaron’s presentation, take a look at how long does it take to build a tech empire over here.

    Your comments are welcome!

    Mint CEO Aaron Patzer on Startups from Techcrunch on Vimeo.

  • Launch48 in Romania

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    Cristian Manafu announced today that he reached an agreement with Launch48 founders to organize this competition in Romania. So, Net Start-up becomes Launch48 and it will be hosted by Netcamp.

    The objective of a Launch48 competition is to launch web applications in maximum 48 hours. Anyone can come to present his idea for 1 minute in front of an audience, in this case Netcamp. Then, the public chooses 3-4 ideas that will be put into practice during the next 48 hours, with development teams.

    Cristi is very enthusiastic about this project and we are certain that the event will be another success with his signature. Evensys is providing most of the resources for the competition and Seedmoney is the first who offered to sponsor Launch48.

    If you want to support this amazing initiative, Cristi is still looking for help with forming the development teams, jury, sponsorship and promoting the idea. If you own a blog or other social media account you are welcome to spread the news about Launch48. Find other details on Manafu’s blog.

    Let’s make a great competition out of it!

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